Today in hilarious EA UFC glitches, Cain Velasquez floats on broken ankles in a crucifix position

Dear EA Vancouver,

Don’t ever think that we’re mocking your increasingly fun game, EA UFC. We’re not laughing at it, we’re laughing with it. We’re sure these bugs are an annoyance to the team, but we here at think Cain Velasquez floating with backwards feet, broken ankles and arms outstretched as Travis Browne pummels his dome is funny, that’s all.

It seems like the majority of EA’s next-gen games feature a plethora of unintentionally hilarious moments, so don’t think we’re picking on you. We love you for constantly updating EA UFC. 

Until these glitches stop being funny, we’ll keep posting them. So thanks for the entertainment you never meant to create.

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