This Video Shows the Fallacy of ‘Epic’ in Games

If you play videogames you know that sometimes it feels like you are just getting wave after wave of rehashed, derivative stuff. Space marines, zombies, Nazis, Nazi zombies, Nazi zombies in space, big guns, cover-based shooting and so on. The world has a lot of shooters right now and it sometimes feels like the Michael Bay approach of bigger explosions, more epic set pieces and just escalating the action until the player turns it off is the only way to go. This can be cool sometimes, but other times it is just too much.

In the AAA game space right now (which we are being told isn’t sustainable, hilariously enough) it is all about having a bigger staff, more studios collaborating on one game, better graphics, everything is just more epic. Sometimes we don’t need to save the universe and all known sentient life. I feel like that’s why we’ve seen a rise in interest in indie games over the past few years; because they provide something different. This video from Mugenmush provides a pretty solid argument as to how ridiculous these big budget games are getting and while they are still fun, it’s just too much.

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