This Rainbow Six: Siege footage is making us think, ‘Shooter of The Year.’

E3 2014 was pretty much what everyone expected. Which doesn’t mean it was bad, it was actually really good, it just wasn’t anything that blew your socks off. Although if it did I’d question why you were wearing socks inside during the summer, or wearing socks inside at all, that’s just weird. There were a few surprises, Grim Fandango being one which Dave Walsh and myself simultaneously freaked out over.

One of the biggest surprises wasn’t a surprise announcement at all, it was Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six is always a series I respected and recognized as good games, they just weren’t for me. What surprised was, how interesting the game looked at E3. The first person shooter is a tired genre and Rainbow Six Siege is looking to take a new spin on it. Here’s some brand new gameplay footage to get you even more pumped.

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