The Wolf Among Us Episode Two Arrives Soon, Check Out the Trailer

The Wolf Among Us is probably the game that I’m expecting to round out 2014 as one of the games of the year, which is no small praise for a year where we’ll see the race to get a GOTY out onto the new consoles of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Why, you ask? Not just because it’s by Telltale Games and because The Walking Dead Season One was so amazing, but because the first episode of The Wolf Among Us showed glimmers of hope that Telltale is really willing to get down and dirty with the source material and create a whole new world that feels alive, intriguing and leave you wanting more.

When I finished the first episode of The Wolf Among Us I immediately wanted the second one, which has made the delay for Episode 2, “Smoke & Mirrors,” that much more painful. But the wait will be over soon as The Wolf Among Us “Smoke & Mirrors” is planned for a February launch. February when? I don’t know. What I do know is this trailer was released and it’s incredible, it also features some spoilers.

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