The story of Ken Kutaragi and PlayStation is explosive beyond belief

Let me take you back to a time when things were simpler, let me take you back to the early 2000’s when you could go to the Mega64 website and download .mpgs of their videos and laugh about them with your friends. This was before there were Mega64 DVDs, before there was some sort of series and before the YouTube and promotional videos. What’s crazy is that it’s 2014 and that they still produce some really awesome stuff about gaming. Their latest video is perhaps their best yet (or at least best since the unveiled ending to the Shenmue saga), which details PlayStation’s Ken Kataragi and his journey for the PlayStation.

Not enough guys in the gaming world are able to joke about themselves, so you gotta give credit to Ken Kutaragi for going along with this, because it wouldn’t be as awesome as it is without him. Damn is he handsome. So sit back and enjoy Kutaragi’s Way.

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