Steam Summer Sale Breakdown: What to buy: Day two!

I tried to hold out as best I could on day one, but Steam still pried open my wallet and tore the little money it required of me straight from my wallet and into the Gabe Newell’s ever-expanding coffers. That’s fine, though; I got some great games yesterdays. Like Saints Row 3 for five bucks. But enough about yesterday, let’s talk about the NEW sales today! Yes!

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is 75% off $6.74

Yes! I cannot stress enough that everyone should own this game. Massive amounts of free updates coupled with Chivalry’s satisfying combat is a deal you can’t pass up. Seriously, chopping off limbs never felt so good. Dave didn’t believe me, and then I forced him to buy it when Chiv was on sale a few weeks ago, now playing Chivalry is literally all he does. He’s a mess.Jason
I was actually playing Chivalry when Jason sent this to me and started demanding that I finish it up. It’s worth the full price, plus it has TRADING CARDS NOW, ZOMG. I was just playing to get a Trading Card, which I did. I have the Agatha Man-At-Arms, great. I don’t play as Agatha and I don’t use the Man-At-Arms. Thanks, Steam! If you don’t know what it is, it is a FPS/third person (you can shift) hack-n-slash game with some fun mechanics. n00bs will just be running around swinging while you will be jabbing, parrying and doing overhead slash-to-swing combos and taking out multiple enemies and probably a random teammate who was trying to move in on your kill. Then you’ll get voted out for team killing and you’ll be upset, but know that you were just in your actions.Dave


FEZ is 50% off for $4.99

If you want me to cry, put on Indie Game: The Movie. I’m a sucker for success stories and brightly-colored hoodies, and everyone I trust and love tells me I’m an ass like Phil Fish, and I remind them of him. I take that as a compliment. So buy FEZ and support assholes.Jason
Gary LaPlante once said that time in Indie Game: The Movie where Phil Fish talks about killing himself made a lot of sense to him. I dunno, that should both scare and excite you. Fez is a pretty cool game and it’s pretty cheap, there is very little reason not to by a mind-bending platformer if you haven’t already.Dave


The Walking Dead (by TellTale) 75% off $6.74

Of course you need to buy this for less than 2 gallons of gasoline. As GOB from Arrested Development would say: Come on!Jason
Oh god, if you for some reason haven’t played this already, it’s super cheap right now and you should. It will tug at your heartstrings and you’ll make binary decisions that you might regret later.Dave


Darksiders II 80% off $9.99

Poor THQ. This was a damn good game that kind of got left out in the cold as THQ was very publicly going under. For 10 bucks it’s a steal — a God of War meets Zelda hybrid — so get it, if it behooves you.Jason
I’ll pass. You hear that, Nawara? I’ll PASS.Dave


Call of Duty Black Ops II: 50% off $29.99

Call of Duty sucks. You already played Black Ops II: it was called Black Ops, and World at War, and Modern Warfare, etc.Jason
Call of Duty does kinda suck, but it can be fun in a mindless way. I was given this as a Christmas present and I played it more than I thought I ever would before going back to Battlefield 3 and actually being happy.Dave


Just Cause 2 (80% off) $2.99

Hell yes! AMAZING game, especially for the price. And now that they have the multiplayer mod out there, well, I can’t recommend this game enough. Best open world game ever?Jason
I know so little about this game, but for $3, well, I’ll buy it.Dave


Sniper 2 (85% off) $4.49

See, this is the problem with steam sales: for under five bucks, almost any game is worth it, but I would rather you not play Sniper 2 and pick up Chivalry or something.Jason
This game is fine for what it is, but really, unless you REALLY want to play Sniper 2 for cheap, there will be better deals.Dave


Anno 2070 50% off $14.99

I dunno. I always see this game around, but I dunno.Jason
Some people tend to like it and it looks pretty cool, but $14.99 is still a bit steep for a game that I’m on the fence on. You’ll be on the fence as well.Dave


Surgeon Simulator 2013 66% off $3.30

Yeah, I think I have to get this. I have no interest in surgery, but for some morbid reason I want it. I don’t even know why.Jason
This game is a laugh riot, although I’m not sure it has the real depth to play more than a few times for lolz. Then again, $3.30 could be your price for a few lolz, I don’t know. There are a ton of videos online of people doing crazy things in the game, so you could do crazy things as well, or just watch the videos.Dave


FTL 75% off $2.49

Hell to the yes. I’ve been waiting for this to go on sale, now I can run my own spaceship ready to save the world. I don’t even own the game and I listen to the soundtrack on the regular, so I can’t wait for this. BOUGHT!Jason
FTL is such a great game. I can’t stress that enough. It is addictive, you’ll lose an entire day to it and not know how or why. All of this while probably not being able to actually beat the damned game, which is incredibly difficult. I’ve still yet to defeat the game, although I have gotten to the endgame portion, which is crazy hard. The difficulty just makes you want to keep playing, though. It’s worth the full price, so yeah, $2.49 is a must buy for FTL.Dave
Published on July 13, 2013 at 2:32 am
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