Some Dude Hacked Watch Dogs to Play as a Stripper

I mean, this has been happening or discussed since the dawn of games with even moderately okay graphics; nude cheats, now in this day and age, nude hacks. I remember playing Mortal Kombat and someone always had a story about a friend or cousin who knew the super secret nude cheat for the game that had Sonya Blade fight nude. In fact, I remember hearing from a friend that entering the code would have Johnny Cage walk onto the screen, tear his pants off, do a split, only for Blade to then come out, remove her clothes and dance.

Why this kid wanted to create the mental image of Johnny Cage without pants on doing a split is beyond me, because I’ll be damned if anyone else ever heard that rumor. I think that he just made it up and that he might have been really, really confused about his sexuality at the time. I guess that’s a good way to let that all out, by imagining a nude Johnny Cage doing a split.

Anyway, I digress. Apparently some dude has hacked Watch Dogs on PC to allow you to play as one of the stripper characters. It’s just a simple model swap, so Aiden is swapped out with a stripper. The video posted below does contain nude breasts, so there is that. Apparently he also hacked it so that you could play as a fully nude female, but breasts are okay to view, butts and everything else are no. I don’t know. I don’t even understand why someone would do this, but okay.

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