Rising Storm is 75% Off on Steam Right Now, Watch Us Play

Red Orchestra 2 is this kind of awesome, uber-realistic shooter that has to be played to really understand and enjoy. When the Rising Storm expansion came out, things just got better. Rising Storm takes place in the Pacific Theater, meaning Japan faces off against America most of the time. I don’t even know, it’s so hard to explain how great this game is. Everyone talks about Call of Duty vs. Battlefield, or how Battlefield is a lot slower and more deliberate, but honestly, Rising Storm is probably slower, more deliberate and tactical.

It’s amazing. What’s better is that it’s on sale right now, 75% off on Steam! It’s $4.99 right now, seriously, $4.99. For a super fun, realistic and tactical shooter that is practically a steal. We want you to love it, so we are going to live stream us playing Rising Storm a bit so you can get a feel for it. 

Watch live video from JasonNawara on www.twitch.tv

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