Oh wow, a Primal Rage 2 arcade actually exists

Mortal Kombat is infamous in the world of video games for many reasons. It spawned the ESRB, it was one of the first fighting games with crazy Easter eggs and it made spelling things with a ‘k’ so kool. It also spawned numerous games of its ilk like Time Killers, Ultra Vortex, even Street Fighter The Movie (the game) with its digitized graphics. Arguably the biggest name to come out of these games inspired by Mortal Kombat was Primal Rage.

Primal Rage was a flawless concept. Giant apes and dinosaurs fighting each other. That’s a million, no wait, a billion dollar idea without question. If you disagree you’re wrong. The game was released and it quickly became a cult classic. It may not have been the greatest fighting game, but like I said giant apes and dinosaurs fighting each other is awesome.

There was a plan to release a Primal Rage 2 but it ended up getting canceled, but now is your chance to play some unreleased history. If you go to the Galloping Ghost arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, you can play one of the only known Primal Rage 2 arcade cabinets in the world. Now I actually have an excuse to visit Jason Nawara.

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