Mighty No.9 looks like it will do Mega Man proud

With EVO 2014 just ending, it shined the light on the video game company that we all know as CAPCOM. CAPCOM in the past few years has fallen in hard times. Outside of Monster Hunter most of their games are mired in a PR nightmare.

One of these nightmares with their refusal to offer one of their flagship mascots their full support in Megaman. During the 25th anniversary of Megaman, you’d expect a brand new game built from the ground up right? Wrong. They bought a fan made game and ended up releasing it for free. They canceled Megaman Legends 3 as well.

Thankfully Megaman creator, Keiji Inafune has a game to wet your Megaman taste buds in Mighty No. 9. The kickstarter funded title recently released some new gameplay footage. Yep, looks like something the creator of Megaman would make and I’m on pins and needles waiting for it’s release. 

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