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Metal Gear Solid V is going to be big… really big

Bigger is nearly unanimously better. Bigger steaks, bigger TVs, bigger containers of tooth paste so you run out of it way less frequently, bigger pieces of candy. Seriously, even when being bigger isn’t better it still is. Look at heavyweight MMA, it’s not nearly as good currently as the lower weight classes yet, more times than not we get an example of #heavyweightmma in a HW MMA bout. Which while it isn’t a display of skill, it is still highly entertaining even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

With the new consoles launching, I think it’s safe to say that one thing that’s been disappointing so far is the size of games. The newest Forza has significantly less cars than the previous iterations, Watch Dog’s world isn’t as big as one would expect. One game looks to change that and of course it’s Metal Gear Solid V. Aiming to be 200 times the size of Ground Zeroes, which would make it… big. Hopefully we hear some concrete news on a release date during E3.

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