Let’s watch the new EA UFC trailer, with gameplay (for real)!

We have been teased with ‘gameplay’ trailers from EA UFC before, and not in a titillating fashion. We were given ‘gameplay’ trailers with nothing but fighters walking into the cage at 60 FPS. But now? Now we see them in their full, violent glory. Losing digital brain cells at a wonderful pace.

Look at the muscles ripple, the bruises form, the blood trickle. I can’t wait for June 17th. Yes, I have a major problem with Bruce Lee likely being knocked out by Bruce Leeroy, but I would’ve created Bruce Lee or downloaded a CAF of him anyways, so oh well. 

Let’s watch this trailer, enjoy it, then wonder about the ground game that is almost entirely absent from this trailer. What’s the deal? It’s cool though, the Fight Night games were brilliant and I have full faith in this team and expect to play this non-stop come summer (spring).

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