Konami accidentally released the MGS V E3 trailer, then took it down. Don’t worry, we’ve got it here for you to watch

The next generation starts when Hideo Kojima damn well pleases. The PS2 era didn’t truly begin until MGS2, PS3 didn’t take off until MGS4, and this generation of consoles is no different. Metal Gear Solid V looks absolutely incredible, and this trailer (that we shouldn’t even be seeing right now) has me hyped beyond belief.

Yes, sometime last night, somebody in charge of the Konami YouTube account accidentally published the MGSV E3 trailer, but then it was taken down after an hour of setting the internet on fire. We were bummed to find that out, but it’s the internet after all, and someone ripped the trailer and uploaded it where even Big Boss couldn’t get to it – Dailymotion.

Watch the trailer below. Is that little kid Liquid Snake? What the #*%& is going on?!

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