Jim Ross Commentary Over Games Makes Them Awesome

If you are like some of us, you grew up with Jim Ross commentary as a staple of life. Jim Ross, longtime commentator for the WWE (nee WWF) has been around for some of the most iconic calls in professional wrestling history, from his early career in the territories to modern day WWE. In fact, he’s one of the things that is missing from modern WWE that almost makes zero sense. The dude can still do his job, just keep him instead of Lawler, who is a self-parody at this point.

It’s been an internet tradition over the past few years to insert Jim Ross commentary over different situations and now we finally have an awesome gaming one. There are parts of this that when you really break it down it’s just incredible. I initially found myself laughing at the Flair Figure 4 one and heavily respected the Hell in the Cell/Water Temple one but go back and find myself laughing pretty hard at the Coffin/Koffing call and a few others.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

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