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Grand Theft Auto: Lego City is a glorious stop-motion adventure

Listen, I’ve professed my love of stop motion on MiddleEasy before. I don’t need to go into much more detail about why I love it, but believe me I could and would love to do so. Legos have always been another passion of mine, more so as a child, at that point in my life I had an imagination and when I stuck a bunch of random blocks together I could pretend I was Star Fox. Now? Not so much, and building a Lego model alone just makes me lonely thus resulting in me consuming copious amounts of food. Which is the last thing I need considering my friends already have bets going as to when I’ll die.

When you combine two things you love, you get something like a peanut butter cup. Side note, if you don’t put your peanut butter cups in the fridge, you’re eating them incorrectly. So I know present to you, the refrigerated peanut butter cup of YouTube.

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