FINALLY Minecraft is coming to next-gen consoles

Does this mean my Xbox 360 can finally go to the grave? Besides the GTAV heists, which I don’t think are coming for a while, I really don’t think I have any reason to keep my Xbox 360 anymore outside of some Liar’s Dice sessions on Red Dead. Maybe I should just do it. Just trade it in and get my $27 American Dollars. Seems fair…

I’ve been playing Minecraft on 360 quite a bit lately. There has been tons of content updates, but the fact remains that the 360 is really old hardware, and I can feel the constraints. Draw distance, wonky multiplayer, it’s all still there despite plenty of new features, but all of that is about to change with a switch to the PS4, Xbox One and PS Vita. Here are them deets:

  • MC on PS4/XboxOne and Vita will be out in August
  • You can import worlds, skins and any stuff you had on your last-gen consoles onto your new console. This means PS3 to PS4, etc. No PS3 to Xbox One.
  • If you already owned Minecraft on your last-gen consoles, then buying it on your current-gen (next?) will only cost you five bucks. Awesome.
  • You can’t import worlds created on PS4/One on last-gen consoles. 
  • PS4/Vita will have cross save and cross play abilities, which is neat. 

Well done, Mojang. It’s clear this delay was worth it. It’s more than just a port, it’s like a move from house to house. Now, I just wonder if those imported, last-gen worlds will have the advancements, patch updates and everything else the current-gen worlds will have. Will they retroactively upgrade?

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