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Finally a Game is Made Showing the Glory of North Korea

Look, when it comes to videogames there aren’t many out there that put a positive spin on North Korea’s plight. I mean, it has to be tough being Kim Jong Un fighting the world of capitalism pretty much on his own in a small, isolated nation that most of the world considers about as threatening as a lone fire ant. Of course, North Korea is a very persistent lone fire ant in the world of global politics, upsetting Japan at every turn with their military “drills” that we all suspect are just failed attempts at attacking another nation.

But all of that has changed as this game developer has finally made a game for the North Korean apologist in all of us; Glorious Leader! by Horsehead Games. It is a retro-style run-n-gunner where you play as Kim Jong Un and try to push North Korea’s wacky agenda on the world. Yeah, this is a weird game. I guess this is one way for an indie studio to get noticed.

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