Even more evidence that Watch Dogs may be a little racist

Watch Dogs, the first “real” next gen title has been released and people either love it and are willing to overlook the stuff that is wrong with it or looking at all of the crap in the game and shaking their heads at this being called a next generation release. Of course, the gaming world is the gaming world and there are some truly awful people inside of it. The game has a “profiler” that shows select information about the NPCs that you encounter and some gamers are using this profiled information for evil.

Shocking, right?

This gamer posted a video of him using the Profiler for evil, gunning down black people, Muslims, Furries, Homosexuals, Human Rights Activists, Scientologists and everything else that he deems to be worthy of “making the world a better place.” Gaming gets a bad reputation sometimes with violent games and it is usually because of fans like this. Of course, the people who are being like Robin Hoods and only stealing from the rich in the game aren’t making videos garnering thousands of hits, so we tip Gary’s fedora in their direction.

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