Beyond: Two Souls gets a demo on October 1st

In my mind it is already a truth that Beyond: Two Souls will be my farewell to the PlayStation 3. I guess in part it is because of the problems I’ve had with the network card in my PS3 that makes me kind of mad about the system, but it just is what it is. No matter what, by the looks of it, Beyond: Two Souls is going to be the last great PlayStation 3-only game that is released for Sony’s third generation console and it looks incredible.

Heavy Rain was a system seller for me, as it was that unique blend of story-heavy game with engaging enough gameplay to make it a must play. That is definitely not a game purchase that I’ll ever regret, in fact, it’s probably one of my favorite games of this generation, even with its flaws. It was a far from perfect game, but you really could tell what the fine folks at Quantic Dream wanted to present and it was marvelous.

If, for some reason, you aren’t sold on Beyond: Two Souls, which features Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, as a game worthy of your hard-earned ducats, there will be a demo released on October 1st. That demo will include two levels; Jodie & Aiden, which takes place early on in Jodie’s life as she is part of an experiment, and Hunted, which skips forward a few years where she is being chased by government agents. The idea is to show off the different types of gameplay within Beyond: Two Souls and to really hook you in.

Beyond: Two Souls comes out on October 8th for the PlayStation 3. If you feel so inclined, check out this video of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe going through the process of motion capturing for the game, it’s kind of trippy.

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