Alright, maybe Watch Dogs isn’t so next gen

There’s always big hugs over the first true “next gen” game. We all know that it’s early in the consoles life and the truly great games won’t be coming out for some time. Sure there will always be good games around this time but it’s rare for there to be a true classic that comes out at this time and maybe that’s what Watch Dogs is. Maybe it isn’t the game we all wanted it to be. Maybe it isn’t the truly next gen experience we wanted and craved. Maybe it’s just a good game and not a great one and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I personally have only had the game for a few hours and it’s really fun, it’s not a game changer by any means. I wouldn’t say the game holds up to all the lofty hype and expectations that were bestowed upon it but it was never going to live up to that. Being the first next gen game we ever saw, it just couldn’t.

Here are some of the not so “next gen” moments from Watch Dogs.

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