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We are getting a Twin Peaks Blu Ray — look at this sneak peak at the deleted scenes

Boy oh boy. Where does one start with talking about Twin Peaks? Do you start with the fantastic performances from Kyle MacLachlan portrayal of Dale Cooper, to director and creator David Lynch putting on the performance of a lifetime playing the deaf FBI chief Gordon Cole? The shows untimely cancellation after only two seasons? The masterful storytelling, how it perfectly weaves a tale a story based in the natural world and the supernatural, without being obvious as to where it’s going? Maybe the fact that such a dark TV show was on network TV in 1990? You could start in so many different places.

I was wary of Twin Peaks going into it. It was a show made in the early ’90s and most things from that time period just doesn’t hold up. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Finally we get what we’ve all been waiting for, a Twin Peaks Blu Ray boxset. With over 90 minutes of deleted scenes! Check out the trailer with a nice slice of pie and enjoy.

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