Watch GSP sit in a chair and give an order to his henchman in this Captain America: Winter Soldier clip

GSP beat Johny Hendricks. How do you feel about that? You have a right to your opinion, but mine is that he beat Johny. It came down to the first round in my opinion, and I think GSP took that round narrowly. Yes, it was a close fight, but Johny only has himself to blame. He was going only 70% after all. Besides, the whole face damage thing is overplayed. GSP ended up with bruises on his face after sticking his face between *cough* things at that one Bacardi party. You know what I’m talking about. GSP just bruises easily. Anderson Silva looked as fresh as a daisy after getting decked 300 times in the face by Chael Sonnen, so I don’t even know.

Here’s the first three minutes of Captain America: Winter Soldier. It features GSP sitting in a chair giving an opinion and an order. 

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