This Expendables 3 motion poster is pretty cool, eh?

I like the idea of the Expendables movies more than the movies themselves. I’m happy they are basically fully-realized movies of the scene in UHF where Weird Al goes full Sylvester Stallone, because frankly, the world needs more ridiculous action movies that aren’t made by Michael Bay. That guy isn’t self-aware enough.

I hope they embrace further these action movie cliches and superstars until the cast list is hundreds of names long. Ronda with Harrison Ford and Kelsey Grammer? Yes please.

Alright, I’m glad we got this out of the way.

To recap:

Weird Al – Good (if not great).

Expendables – Fine.

Ronda Rousey – Amazing.

Frasier – Solid.

Indiana Jones – Awesome (haven’t seen the 4th one).

Aligning this motion poster to the center of the page – Impossible.

Still, this unaligned Expendables 3 motion poster – Pretty damn cool.

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