Joe Rogan Salary At The Ufc

What is Joe Rogan’s Salary at the UFC?

The history of UFC would not be complete without mentioning its commentators, one of which is Joe Rogan. The renowned comedian and podcast host is one of the most popular UFC commentators. As per reports,  UFC pays Joe Rogan an average of $50,000 per event. That’s roughly $550,000 annually. But UFC isn’t Rogan’s sole mode

Nate Diaz Teases A Possible Move To WWE

If someone had said there is a possibility of Nate Diaz going to the WWE five years ago, I would have told them to get a grip on life. Well, jokes on me because there is a realm of possibility. On Monday, Diaz shared a picture of himself alongside the CCO of WWE, Triple H,


Knockout and Technical Knockout: What Are the Differences?

If you have ever watched combat sports such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), boxing, and kickboxing, chances are that you have heard terms like technical knockout and knockout. However, it might be challenging to grasp what the fans are referring to when such terminologies are used, especially if you’re new to the MMA world. You


15 Greatest MMA Fighters of All Time (2023)

The sport of MMA has not necessarily been around long, but there have been a few fighters who have risen above the rest. Today we take a look at the best fighters in the sport’s history. In the 30+ years that MMA has been around in a sporting way, there has been a ton of

Kenpo Karate Guide

Kenpo Karate: A Concise Guide

Kenpo is one of the various styles of martial arts that originated in Asia during the region’s long and illustrious history. Both Chinese and Japanese styles of martial arts contributed to its development. In contemporary times, however, it is more commonly associated with the martial art of Karate. The many different styles emerged later on.


Buakaw Banchamek Knocks Out Kota Miura Weeks Before Making BKFC Debut

On Saturday, Muay Thai icon Buakaw Banchamek handily defeated RIZIN fighter, Kota Miura, at Rajadamnern Stadium. It was the first time the Buakaw had competed at the legendary venue in 18 years.  With more than 250 career victories, Buakaw Banchamek is one of Muay Thai‘s most well-known and celebrated practitioners. The former K-I World Max

Best UFC Fights

The 60 Greatest UFC Fights of All Time

Since the inception of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993, the UFC has served fans the ultimate mixed martial arts experience. It is the biggest MMA promotion and has given us some of the best and biggest MMA fights in history. Are there boring fights? Of course! Many fights make us pray it ends quickly.

Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo Breaks Down Adesanya vs. Pereira, Give His Prediction

Henry Cejudo has given his thoughts on the middleweight title fight at UFC 281. There is a huge middleweight title fight coming to New York City on November 12. Champion Israel Adesanya will be taking on a former foe  Alex Pereira at Madison Square Garden. The interesting thing about this fight is that these two


Heroic Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Takes Down Assailant In New York City

An MMA fighter named Ro Malabanan is a hero today after he stopped an assailant on the streets of New York City.  Malabanan known as Ro the Show on Instgram is a black belt in Brazilan jiu-jitsu and recently used his skills to apprehend a man who was randomly punching people on the streets of

MMA Fighters Weird Ears

Why Do UFC Fighters Have Weird Ears?

All UFC fighters know that they carry a risk of suffering a major injury while training or competing due to the nature of the sport. One of the most common injuries that is visible on many fighters is when they have a weird looking ear, which is known as cauliflower ears. Fighters spend a lot