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Jake Paul Believes Brother Logan “Beat” Floyd Mayweather in Exhibition Match with No Winner

Jake Paul took to social media to tell his followers his belief that Floyd Mayweather lost to his brother Logan during their 8 round glorified spar.

Jake Paul Believes Brother Logan “Beat” Floyd Mayweather in Exhibition Match with No Winner

Twitter wasn’t the only place where reactions towards Mayweather vs. Paul were present. Logan’s seemingly delusional brother Jake believes that Logan defeated Floyd Mayweather Jr during their eight-round exhibition. 

Mayweather vs. Paul

As foreseen, Floyd Mayweather essentially toyed around with Logan Paul for eight rounds. High tech 4k cameras captured “Money May” smiling from ear to ear on video for nearly the entire fight. Perhaps it was the ease of doing anything he wanted when he wanted in the ring. Or the fact that he was making millions of dollars without even breaking a sweat.

He feinted, ducked, dodged, and threw counter punches when he felt like it. He tired out Paul, then walked him down to the ropes to prove to the world that he wasn’t concerned with Logan’s power. 

At one point, boxing fans thought Mayweather would stop playing with his food and finally seal the deal. However, Paul took every opportunity to hold onto Mayweather as tight as he could, as if he were riding on the back of a motorcycle, leaving Floyd no chance but to continue his elite display of defense.

Jake Paul on Logan vs. Mayweather

His brother, however, believes that Logan won the fight. At least that’s the message he’s projecting on social media. 

“Logan paul 4 rounds to 2 going into 7th,” wrote Logan.

“50-1. Holy f**k. My brother just beat Floyd Mayweather.”

Making a Fight

Who knows if Jake believes what he is saying or if he is trying to fight between himself and Floyd. After all, Mayweather told TMZ Sports that there’s a chance that Jake could be next on his exhibition tour of fights. 

All three men have one glaring thing in common; knowing how to generate millions of dollars from their name alone. Fans may have left the arena unhappy, but both competitors left very richly. 

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