Dillon Danis Reveals His Fight Purse Following Logan Paul Clash, Plans to Compete in the UFC

Danis banked more than seven figures for his scrap with Logan Paul and hopes his work as a promoter will land him a spot on the UFC roster

Dillon Danis
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The fight between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul may be over, but the war of words is still raging on. 

After months of build-up, Danis and Paul finally stepped inside the squared circle on Saturday, October 14 in Manchester for a co-main event clash as part of Misfits Boxing’s latest pay-per-view offering. Unfortunately, the fight failed to live up to the hype with Danis offering next-to-no offense through six rounds. In the end, the BJJ specialist lost the bout via disqualification after attempting to wrestle Paul down to the canvas in the closing moments. 

Appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored following the bout, Danis placed all the blame for the lackluster contest on Paul, claiming the social media star spent the entire fight running away. 

“It didn’t feel like a fight. It felt like he was trying to run away,” Danis said. “Every time I tried to engage with him and get in there and trade, he would run away.”

Morgan was quick to call out Danis on his comment, mentioning the fact that Danis had landed nine punches through six rounds of action. According to ESPN stats, Danis landed 16 of 70 total punches thrown, a rather embarrassing statistic when you consider that Paul landed 108 strikes of his 330 thrown during the nearly 18-minute affair.

“He was running. He was on the back foot the whole time. I was trying to push forward,” Danis added. “I wanted to fight. I wanted to clinch. I wanted to fight, I was like, let’s go.”

In the waning moments of the final round, Danis appeared to shoot in for a takedown and in an attempt put Danis in a guillotine choke prompting security staff from both sides to floor the ring and kickstart an all-out brawl. Asked why he attempted to take Paul down, Danis said that was not his intention and accused the social media star of lubing up his own head with Vaseline. 

“I wasn’t actually trying to, but he was smart,” Danis said. “He vaselined his head up so I guess he knew I was trying to go for his neck. But at that moment, I actually wasn’t. I was just grabbing his head and he just kinda shrugged me with the Vaseline. Then he threw that punch and I up kicked him.”

He continued, “I was just messing around with him a little bit, letting him know what a real fight is. Boxing is not a real fight. It’s a half a fight. I want a real fight where he shook my hand and said he was going to fight me in MMA. He shook my hand. If he’s a real name, he should [fight me in MMA]. He didn’t defend his fiancee in my opinion. If a man talks the way I did about your fiancee, he should call me out.”

Dillon Danis Clears Over a Million Dollars After Fighting Logan Paul, Wants a UFC Contract

In the weeks ahead of the fight, Danis aggressively targeted Logan Paul’s fiancee, swimsuit model Nina Agdal, relentlessly slut-shaming the Dane over past relationships. Danis appeared to take things a bit too far when he shared an NSFW image of Agdal taken during a “romantic encounter” more than a decade ago. That resulted in Agdal filing a lawsuit against Danis, accusing him of violating state and federal ‘revenge porn’ laws. 

Asked about his incessant online trolling of Agdal, Dillon Danis admitted that if it were anyone else, he would not have engaged in such personal attacks.

“If it was someone else, yes. I would never do that. I would never cross those lines. With the Pauls, they cross those lines all the time. In this fight, it made sense. It was all true. Everything was public. What she’s saying, what she’s suing me for is all fake. I didn’t hack her phone.”

Danis added, “People know this is true. People know her past. It’s all out there. Everything was public.” 

Whether you were entertained by Danis’ tactics to sell the fight or not, the plan seems to have worked. Early reports indicate that the pay-per-view event sold 1.3 million buys. By comparison, the UFC has only eclipsed that number six times in its 30-year history. Danis also revealed that he banked more than a million dollars for his efforts in and out of the ring. 

With his bout against Logan Paul officially a success, Piers Morgan questioned Danis about what he would like to do next.

“After this, I want to go to the UFC,” Danis revealed. “I think the UFC will see my potential in selling fights and everything like that.”

Danis Reacts to Drake Betting Against Him

Ahead of their scrap in the UK, news broke that Canadian hip-hop star and perennial combat sports bettor Drake had placed an $850,000 bet on Logan Paul to knock out Dillon Danis. 

Danis was admittedly hurt upon hearing the news, claiming that he and Drake were friends and admonished the rapper for siding with Paul.

“We’re friends too. That hurt me. He lost. Yeah, me and Drake were friends so I didn’t like how he supported Logan. It’s messed up. Hopefully, he watches this and he’ll reach out to me. Should have bet on me. I thought we were friends, Drake. That’s messed up. Logan’s not one of us. We don’t sue. We don’t do lawsuits. Drake is a gangster like me. We don’t do that kind of stuff so I don’t know. I think Drake would have sided with me in my opinion. Logan’s a p*ssy. 

“He wanted a sue-off. He didn’t want to fight. He wanted to pull out of this fight and he learned it was real when he threw that water bottle at me and I hit him with that mic. Cut his face open and almost gave him a concussion. He knew it was real. He’s not a real fighter. He’s an entertainer. He’s not built for this.”

Watch the full interview below:

Published on October 17, 2023 at 5:07 pm
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