Adrien Broner Sent to Jail for Not Paying $830,000 of Legal Payments in 2018 Assault Case

Adrien Broner was sent to jail for neglecting to pay legal payments in regards to a case in 2018 where he assaulted a woman.

Screenshot of Adrien Broner via Showtime
Screenshot of Adrien Broner via Showtime

Not only can boxing star Adrien Broner not stay in headlines, but he also seems to not be able to stay out of trouble. Recently, Broner missed numerous legal payments in a total of $830,000 for assaulting a woman in 2018. However, While Adrien claimed that he lacked the funds to make the payments, he idiotically continued to post on social media with stacks of cash. The actions of Broner have now landed him in jail for contempt of court. 

Posting money on social media when you owe money isn’t the smartest move. Especially when it’s nearly $1 million.


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However, Broner claimed that all of the cash that he was posing with wasn’t his. In fact, he furthermore stated that the money belongs to his close, rich friends who wire him large sums of money while he is “broke.”

“I got rich friends. I do. I got wealthy friends that take care of me. ‘[The money I’ve been posting] is getting sent to me [by] my friends. I got a big heart,” said Broner to the judges. I’ll show you I got a big heart. And when I did have money and everybody asked me for money, I gave it to them. And now that they see that I need help if I ask for it.”

“My friends! I can ask Gervonta Davis, Al Haymon, I can ask Stephen Espinoza, I can ask anybody for money. They sending it through the bank and it’s coming into my account and I’m spending it. I haven’t got no money, I get sent money and spend it, I got to spend it on bills.”

In the Judge’s Hands

Of course, the judge wasn’t buying Broner’s excuses. Judge Nancy Margaret Russo responded by saying “Mr. Broner has continually defied every court-ordered I’ve given,’ she said. ‘The jig is up today.”

Do fans believe that Broner is struggling for money? Or, is he doing the best job that he can to hide his funds in order to continue his lavish spending habits? One thing’s for certain, Broner is looking for creative ways to avoid paying the $830,000 fine.

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