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Korean Zombie Outclasses Dan Ige In Dominant Unanimous Decision Victory – UFC Vegas 29 Results (Highlights)

The Korean Zombie returned to the win column with a great display of mixed martial arts against Ige.

Korean Zombie Outclasses Dan Ige In Dominant Unanimous Decision Victory – UFC Vegas 29 Results (Highlights)

A featherweight headliner between The Korean Zombie and Dan Ige is taking place now (Saturday, June 19, 2021) at UFC Vegas 29.

Round 1

Zombie throws some strikes early on before landing a big leg kick. Ige lands his own as he blocks some counters. Zombie gets out of the way of a body kick. Ige connects with a nice body shot in the pocket. Ige partially lands a leg kick but Zombie lands a more effective one right after. Ige starts to establish a jab. Ige connects to the body but misses a left hook. Ige connects on Zombie. Zombie times a takedown perfectly and is on top of Ige. Ige pushes him off but Zombie follows him to the ground again. Ige does well to scramble and get out. Ige goes on a blitz and connects with a few strikes. Zombie responds with a body kick. Ige misses a right hook to end the round.

Zombie 10-9.

Round 2

Zombie lands a big shot that drops Ige briefly to start the round! Zombie connects with a leg kick soon after and slips a left hook from Ige. Ige catches a body kick and lands a right. Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Ige lands a hard jab. Zombie lands a flush right hand that results in a takedown attempt from Ige a few seconds after. Zombie defends and is clinched up against the fence. Ige starts to find some success as he backs Zombie up. Ige sets up a takedown with some strikes but Zombie defends and goes for his own takedown attempt. He takes Ige down and takes his back. The round ends with Zombie having a cut on his head likely from a clash of heads.

Another round for Zombie. 20-18.

Round 3

Zombie lands a leg kick but eats a body kick from Ige soon after. Zombie is aggressive with the takedown early and takes him down. Zombie lands a few strikes before transitioning to Ige’s back. He has the hooks in and this time, he has just under three minutes to work with. It looks like Zombie has sunk in the rear naked choke but Ige is doing well to defend. Zombie lands some strikes to the head as he looks to get his arm under Ige’s chin. Ige continues to do well in defending but he has been controlled for three minutes as the round ends. 

This has been all Zombie. 30-27.

Round 4

Ige is aggressive early on but is struggling to land anything on Zombie who has just been a step ahead all night. Ige connects on the body and lands a right on Zombie. Zombie blocks a head kick but eats another body shot. Ige clinches him up against the fence. Zombie’s cut is open now that Ige is landing a lot more. Zombie looks to establish a jab. Ige hits the leg hard but Zombie returns with his own. Ige is putting the pressure on now but another well-timed takedown sees Zombie enter his guard. Ige is very active from the bottom as Zombie stacks up and looks to land strikes while standing. Zombie transitions to side control and lands a big strike as the round ends.

Much better round from Ige who I score it to. 39-37.

Round 5

Ige lands a nice body kick early. He looks to land some hooks but Zombie evades and lands a jab. Ige connects to the body and lands a couple of hooks. Zombie goes for the takedown but Ige does well to get up. Ige goes for the takedown now but Zombie defends before he’s clinched up against the fence. Ige looks for the takedown and lands an elbow. However, Zombie defends and they return to striking. Ige goes for a takedown but Zombie connects with a big knee. Zombie takes Ige’s back and has the hooks in. Zombie controls him for the rest of the fight and should get the win.

I score it 49-46 to Zombie.

Official result: Korean Zombie defeats Dan Ige via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46).

Check out the highlights below:

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