How Long Does A UFC Event Last?

From Knockouts to Victory: Unveiling the Epic Duration of a UFC Event!

UFC Events Guide
UFC Events Guide

Has the question “How long does a UFC event last?” ever popped up in your mind? It’s fascinating to discover that an average UFC occasion elegantly consumes approximately six hours of our attention from start to finish! In this article, you’ll unravel intriguing details on the duration of main card fightspreliminaries and other factors influencing event timing.

Let’s step into the exciting ring of Ultimate Fighting Championship events!

Key Takeaways

  • A UFC event can last between six to seven hours.
  • Three-round fights use up 15 minutes. Five-round fights take about 29 minutes.
  • The number of fights and their outcomes change the length of an event.
  • Check fight cards, think about time zones, prepare for breaks, and have snacks close by when watching a UFC event.

Duration of a UFC Event

A UFC event typically lasts between six to seven hours, starting with the early preliminary fights progressing to the main card bouts. The duration can slightly fluctuate based on several factors including fight outcomes, intermissions and interviews.

Live UFC Event

Main Card Fights

Main Card Fights start at 10:00 p.m. This is when the big bouts happen. You see top players here! These fights can take a lot of time. It depends on how long each fight lasts. Some end fast, some go all rounds.

Also, after every fight people talk to the champs. This takes more time too. So Main Card Fights add hours to UFC events.

Preliminary Card Fights

Preliminary card fights, often called “prelims,” start after the early prelims. They kick off around 8:00 p.m. Many fighters get a chance to show their skills during these bouts. The number of fights in the prelims changes from event to event.

Each fight is set for three rounds, each lasting five minutes with one-minute breaks between them. In all, this section of the event takes about two hours. It’s an exciting build-up for the main card fights that follow later in the night.

Early Preliminary Card Fights

Early preliminary card fights kick off a UFC event. They start at about 6:30 p.m. These bouts are often between new or less known fighters. It’s a good chance for them to show their skills and climb the ranks.

Each fight can last up to 17 minutes full of thrilling action in the cage! You never know, you might see future stars in these early battles.

Factors Influencing the Length of a UFC Event

There are several aspects that determine a UFC event’s duration. The number of scheduled fights greatly influences the time frame, with events ranging from 8 to 13 bouts each lasting up to fifteen or twenty-five minutes.

Outcomes of a fight also affect length; rapid knockouts shorten while enduring matches prolong the event. Additionally, breaks and intermissions for fighter walkouts, mid-event interviews or promotional segments interspersed throughout can add significant time as well.

Number of Scheduled Fights

More fights mean a longer event. A typical UFC card has about 12 bouts. The exact total differs per event. First, we see early prelims with fewer key players but high stakes for winning the game.

Next, there are Prelims where you get to see developing stars make their mark in the UFC scene. Both of these take place before the Main Card starts at 10:00 p.m., boasting top-ranked fighters facing off under bright spotlights and watching eyes around the world.

Each fight may last as short as one round or go up to three or five rounds depending on its nature and standing – either non-title or title bouts respectively!

Fight Outcomes and Length

Fights can end fast. Some fights last for a few seconds, while others go up to 15 or 25 minutes. The time of each bout depends on the fight outcome. A match that ends in a knockout, submission or doctor’s stoppage is short-usually much less than 15 minutes.

On the other hand, some bouts reach the final bell. These are full round fights that use all their given time.

If all three rounds are used, these matches last 17 minutes with breaks included between rounds.

But if it’s a championship five-round fight and no one gets knocked out or taps out, it extends to a total of 29 minutes including breaks.

One thing for sure: you’ll never know how long a UFC fight may last! Turn your eyes away for one moment and you could miss an electrifying knockout!

Breaks and Intermissions

During a UFC event, breaks and rest times are crucial. These pauses happen between fights and rounds. Fighters get a minute-long break in between rounds to catch their breath and take advice from coaches.

After every bout, there’s time for cleaning the cage or setting up interviews. Also, sudden stoppages can draw out an event due to injuries or technical faults with equipment or broadcasting gear.

This leads many full events to last around six hours total!

Duration of Different Types of UFC Fights

Comparing the time frames of three-round fights to five-round championship battles gives an in-depth view into the potential length of a UFC event. Dive deeper with us as we explore these differences and more!

Three-Round Fights

Three-round fights last 15 minutes in total. This time is spread over three parts, or “rounds”. Each round takes up five minutes. The fighters get a break of one minute between each round.

These fights offer fast and intense action for the fans. They test the skills of the fighters in a short period of time. A victory in these fights helps new stars shine in UFC events.

Five-Round Championship Fights

Five-round championship fights are special. They last longer than others at the UFC event. Each round is five minutes long with a one-minute break in between. This gives us 25 minutes of fight time and four minutes of breaks.

It’s not always 29 minutes, though. If a fighter wins before all rounds end, it can be shorter. These types of bouts bring extra thrill to the night as they decide who the champions will be! It makes watching UFC events even more exciting for fans.

Tips for Planning Your UFC Event Viewing

To get the most out of your UFC event viewing, consider checking the fight card in advance, factor in time zone differences, plan for breaks during bouts and ensure you have snacks and drinks handy.

Explore these tips more in our comprehensive guide!

Check the Fight Card in Advance

Look at the fight card early. This shows the list of fights for a UFC event. It helps you plan your day. You know when to watch your favorite fighter’s bout! The length of an event can change due to many bouts on a card.

Exciting match-ups may last longer, affecting the total time of an event too!

Consider Time Zone Differences

Time zones matter when you watch a UFC event. Check the start times carefully. The times for the Early Prelims, Prelims, and Main Card are often listed in Eastern Time (ET). If you live in another time zone, make sure to adjust these times so that you don’t miss any action! This is key if you want to see every fight.

It helps avoid confusion and lets you plan your day better.

Be Prepared for Breaks

UFC bouts have breaks. The fighters rest between the rounds in this time. There are two rest periods per fight for three-round fights, and four rest periods for five-round fights. Each break is one minute long.

During this time, you can grab a snack or a drink without missing any action. Breaks also happen before each new fight starts. This allows UFC to set up the next fighters and clean the fighting ring.

No matter which bout of the event it is (early prelims, prelims, main card), always expect short rests on every fight night.

Make snacks and drinks available

Make sure to have snacks and drinks ready. Watching a UFC event can take up to six hours. You don’t want to miss any part of the action, especially not because your stomach is growling! It’s a good idea to prepare easy-to-eat foods like chips or small sandwiches.

Having water and other drinks at hand will keep you hydrated during your viewing period.


1. How long does a UFC event usually last?

A UFC event may last around 6 to 7 hours, depending on the number of fights.

2. Does each fight in a UFC event have the same duration?

No, not all fights have the same length. Main events and title fights can go up to five rounds while other matches are three rounds.

3. What’s the average time for a single match at a UFC event?

A single regular match lasts up to three minutes per round with two breaks lasting one minute each.

4. Can an ongoing fight end before its actual time limit?

Yes, if a fighter gets knocked out or submits early, then the fight ends immediately before reaching its maximum length.

5. Are there any breaks between different matches at a UFC event?

Yes, there are short breaks between matches during which pre-fight activities like player introduction take place.

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A UFC event typically spans around six to seven hours, starting with Early Prelims at 6:30 p.m., moving to Prelims at 8:00 p.m., and culminating with the Main Card from 10:00 p.m. to approximately 12:30 a.m. The duration can vary based on fight outcomes and intermissions. If you’re planning to watch, use this timeline to optimize your viewing experience. For more insights into UFC, check out our comprehensive guide.

Enjoy the action!

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