Dominick Cruz Doubts Commission’s Understanding Of MMA: “How About You Go Get Your Ass Beat?”

'The Dominator' doubted commission's understanding of the sport as he remained indifferent to open scoring

Dominick Cruz
Credit: MMA Fighting (via YouTube)

Former two-time UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz does not believe in the commission’s understanding of mixed martial arts.

After the headlining loss of Holly Holm to Ketlen Vieira at UFC Vegas 55, many people expressed their discontentment at the judging of the fight. Holm had managed to secure a control time of over 10 minutes and had superior significant strikes. However, Vieira was awarded the victory on the basis of the damage her strikes had caused.

Dominick Cruz calls for more education

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Dominick Cruz shared his thoughts on the idea of open scoring in MMA. Cruz identified the lack of accountability of the commissions to be the root of the issue surrounding the recent judging controversy.

“You can redo the system as many times as you want but it’s still the same players in the system. So, like I said, it’s the same living room you had before you just move things around. So what’s really changing? It’s the same thing”

“What makes the commissioner know mixed martial arts so well that he can choose these people?”

“The root issue is how do we get educated? Do they do a grounding and a debrief after every event on the things that went well, on the things that went bad”

“The commission set up a meeting for us announcers on the scoring system. Well, who’s setting up the meeting for the commissioner on what a takedown is? Who’s setting up the meeting for the commissioner on choosing people that know what a takedown is.”


Cruz believes the officials should practice MMA

‘The Dominator’ suggested that the officials involved in the sport need to practice it to gain a proper understanding of what goes on inside the octagon.

“How about you go get your ass beat around the cage for a little while? We’ll call that you doing your part too.

Feel what it really feels like what we really go through. Just practice it, feel it, because you know, you got guys like Jason Herzog who’s practicing every day. He’s one of the most competent, best refs in the sport, in my opinion.”

Cruz gave the example of Jason Herzog, who’s considered to be one of the best referees in the sport, training in MMA every day. Having people who understand each moving part of the action inside the cage will likely bring fairer results for the athletes.

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