A Street MMA match never thought possible: Miesha Tate vs Spiderman

What is this? Has Meisha Tate turned to a life of crime and evil? Is the Korean Zombie her undead henchman? Due to the fact that there is zero exposition in this amateur home video taken on the streets of New York, one would have to assume that Spiderman must have just swung down from the skyscrapers above and knocked a sack with a big dollar sign embroidered on the front of it from Meisha Tate’s hands, right as the phone camera that supplied this footage was pulled from a terrified onlookers purse. Watch crowds of people gasp and gather around as a utility belt wearing Spiderman battles Miesha Tate, who would make an excellent Black Cat.

She would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids. Wait, that’s wrong.


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