A Lesson in Street MMA: Wearing the costume does not make you Batman

Yeah, I like the song Batdance by Prince. It’s one of the best songs of the 80’s and the video is probably scariest since Thriller. It’s successful, 4.3 million owners of the Batman soundtrack can’t be wrong, sampling Jack Nicholson while wearing a half Batman half Joker suit thing whilst gyrating and lip syncing equals money and I’m surprised more musicians haven’t tried pulling it off. Alas, Prince is from the future. 30 years from now everyone will be dressed like Prince circa 1989 and that’s just something we should all come to grips with now if we are going to get through this together.

While I search the internet for leopard skin fedoras and purple scarves why don’t you watch this video of a Batman that is not worthy of a Batdance. Thanks to Twitter friend Moshuaschleuter for bringing this to our attention.

Your utility belt, use it.

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