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A Lesson in Street MMA: Perhaps a good ol’ Russian battle royale will satisfy your Street MMA needs?

What do they call a battle royale with cheese in Russia? No, seriously. I’m asking. Where is Ted Malakhov and the resident Russian translators when I need them? I have a poor reference to Pulp Fiction to explain and an article to write, and I want to get this information out there so I can get back to rewatching Arrested Development for the tenth time so I’m nice and fresh for the season 4 premiere this Saturday. Anyone? Ted? Why aren’t you responding in real-time to this article?

Besides the fact that it’s clear the fighter in the argyle sweater is clearly outmatched, this battle royale Street MMA match in Russia is surprisingly competitive. The fight starts out with both teams deciding they need one less member each in order to make the fight fair, so two combatants are eliminated from the competition immediately. A discussion of rules are exchanged, the ring girl approaches the bout to make sure everything is kosher, then all hell breaks loose perfectly in front of the security camera recording it all. Pretty incredible. Knockouts galore in this one.

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The most important part of this video is seeing how large Bigfoot Silva's head is when placed in a normal-sized helmet
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