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A Lesson in Street MMA: Just because your shirt says ‘BEAST MODE’ doesn’t mean you can fight

Let this be a lesson for all of you young up-and-coming dastardly hooligans of the world, if you’re going to rock a shirt that says ‘BEAST MODE’ scrawled on the front, you should almost always throw the first punch and never let up until you either gas from exhaustion or vanquish your opponent.

Actually we don’t advocate any of that. MiddleEasy is a site of peace and compassion. That’s why we have a section called ‘A Lesson in Street MMA.’ This is stuff that we don’t want any of you doing, at any point in the future. If you have access to a time machine, we don’t want you doing any of this stuff in the past either.

Just sit back and learn from this new lesson in Street MMA on your favorite website, Props to @Stullo4real for the find.


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