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A Lesson in Street MMA: Don’t be a bully on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, or this may happen

Wait, I can’t be the only person that woke up at 8:30 am just to go to a bar in downtown LA to watch the France vs. Nigeria game, right? There has to be someone else out there has has absolutely nothing to do on a Monday morning. Well, I do have to provide you guys the most interesting Street MMA the world has seen, so there’s that. However there is an obligation to watch France eventually beat Nigeria, mainly because I have money riding on the game.

The real question is will there be a moment in humanity in which people will be able to bet on Street MMA matches? Do you think BetUS or Sportsbook would honor who would win in a rematch between those ‘Say goodnight!’ guys? If there was, then maybe we can get a trilogy of this new edition of Street MMA from Atlantic City. Props to Gonzo for the +1,000 point find!

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