A Lesson in Street MMA: Bathroom Beatdown Edition

The bathroom has always been a very important place In my life. For most of my college and high school life it’s the place where I got about 90% of my homework done. It’s a place where I think whether it be on the toilet or in the shower. It’s the place where I consume most of the youtube videos that I watch. Whether it be on my laptop or my phone. I get most of my mobile gaming done there, I practically beat Pokemon X in the bathroom. Simply put, it’s a sanctuary for me. Which is why getting into a physical altercation in there is about the last possible thing I could ever want to happen in there. I don’t want to taint that place and ruin it for future enjoyment.

Also, I think at this point, it’s safe to say, anyone who doesn’t take a jacket off in a street MMA exhibition, they need to be considered the heavy favorite. They are so confident in their abilities, taking off their jacket will only be a bother, so fighting in it and restricting their movement is the better option. Bold, very bold.

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