A Lesson in Street MMA: At times, tag-team matches are futile

We do these ‘A Lesson in Street MMA’ articles as an altruistic act of kindness. Our lives may come to a point where one is thrown into an unsolicited MMA match on the street, in the backyard or in this case in the middle of a Hawaiian parking lot. Sure these group of individuals got into an altercation over a parking spot, but in your scenario the circumstance may be drastically different. In order to educate those at home (or in the office), a further lesson in Street MMA is warranted. Without further delay, get a proper understanding on when not to employ the tag-team technique. Also, we get a lot of submissions on potential lessons in Street MMA. Here’s a heads up: We’re looking for new altercations. If you’re sending us something that’s from 2009, or even last month, we’re not interested. If it’s not at least two days fresh on the internet, then we’re not interested. [Source]

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