10 Best Shin Guards For Muay Thai Reviewed (Updated 2023)

Rating The Best Shin Guards For Muay Thai

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Muay Thai requires a ton of gear, but one of the most important pieces of equipment is shin guards. This is a breakdown of the best shin protection you can find for Muay Thai.

Shin guards are important for Muay Thai training for a lot of reasons. Not only do they protect your legs while you learn proper kicking techniques, but they also protect your training partners. Therefore it is a key piece of gear to keep in your training bag.

Moreover, it is important to find the right type of shin guards for you. With so many brands and styles, it can be difficult to narrow it down to what works best. Lucky for you, we have done the hard work for you, and found the perfect gear to get you through practice. Not only that, but we answered some of the questions you may have about what makes these products top-tier, with some Frequently Asked Questions at the end.

With that out of the way, this is the top 10 shin guards for Muay Thai.

1. Venum Elite Standup Shin Guards

Venum Elite Standup Shin Guards


  • Synthetic skintex leather is highly durable
  • Made in Thailand
  • Several colors to choose from


  • Expensive

The first shin guards on our list come from one of the best brands in combat sports. Venum delivers in the highest way possible with these, as well. Made from highly durable premium leather material, they are designed to get you through Muay Thai practice for a long time.

Not only are these guards super durable, but they are also extremely comfortable, with a flexible bend between the shin and instep sections. They have a secure velcro strap to keep them place, even during the most heated sparring sessions. This, combined with the high density foam padding makes for a product that really checks off all the boxes.

2. Fairtex Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards

Fairtex Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards


  • Made in Thailand
  • Comfortable padding
  • Highly durable


  • Instep can fit a little wide

Fairtex is another extremely well respected brand in Muay Thai. These competition style shin guards come to you directly from Thailand, and are worth every penny. Not only are they comfortable for you, but they are made with your opponent in mind, as well.

Made from a synthetic leather, with a high-density foam, this product is smoothed out to protect your training partners. Moreover, their design is lightweight in comfortable, which is great for hard sparring. Overall, this is a solid product to consider for use.

3. Top King Muay Thai Shin Guards

Top King Muay Thai Shin Guards


  • Made from highly durable leather
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Wide padding protects leg


  • Stitching is prone to tear

Out of all the shin guards on our list, the Top King brand are perhaps the most functional. They are extremely lightweight and are designed to come as close to feeling like you are wearing nothing as possible. As such, they are perfect for those who are agile, and throw quick kicks.

However, do not be fooled by the lightweight nature of this product. They still offer a strong amount of protection, for both you and your partner. Furthermore, they are highly secured with straps to keep them in place while throwing as quick as you can.

4. RDX Leather Shin Guards

RDX Leather Shin Guards


  • Extremely shock absorbent padding
  • Flexible instep
  • Cheaper price range


  • Can be a little bulky

When it comes to durability, there are few shin guards that will provide it better than RDX’s leather Muay Thai shin guards. These guards have a super strong leather construct that will serve you well for many years of intense training sessions. Moreover, they will do an excellent job protecting you, even from awkward clashes of shins.

It is worth noting that the one major drawback to these shin guards, is the fact that they tend to be a bit bulky. Although it does not take long to adjust to, there is a noticeable difference between these and other guards. Regardless, this stiffness may be worth it, if you are the type of person who regularly beats up their shin guards.

5. Hayabusa T3 Muay Thai Shin Guards

Hayabusa T3 Muay Thai Shin Guards


  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Highly trusted brand


  • Expensive

Hayabusa is one of, if not the most respected brands in all of combat sports gear. The reasoning for that is evident when you take the T3 shin guards for a spin. Their lightweight and ergonomic design is perfect for athletes of any caliber.

The T3 series brings some super flexible and durable shin guards to the training room. They fit securely, while being breathable and flexible. As such, they are one of the best shin guards you can find for sparring.

6. Fairtex SP3 Pro Style Shin Guards

Fairtex SP3 Pro Style Shin Guards


  • Made from durable leather
  • Fits most regulations for amateur competition
  • Super secure fit


  • Not very flexible

Another highly trusted brand in Muay Thai, Fairtex delivers big time with the SP3 shin guards. These ones are perhaps the best when it comes to use in amateur competition. They are designed with smooth edges and no metal loops, which is perfect to fit in with most regulations for amateur contests.

These shin guards are not just good in competition, but also in the training room. They provide a secure fit, with padding designed to absorb impact. On top of that, they are made with a no-stitch design, which adds to the comfort and durability of this product.

7. Venum Predator Shin Guards

Venum Predator Shin Guards


  • High density foam padding protects legs
  • Super flexible separation between shin and instep
  • Vlecro straps provide secure fit


  • Can be stiff fit

Personally, I am a big fan of the Venum brand for shin guards, hence why they earned a second entry. They have the most secure fit, especially for a bigger guy such as myself. Not only that, but they are made from a durable leather construct, built to last.

Another thing that is great about these shin guards, is the fact that they come from Thailand. They have a multi-density foam to absorb impact on the shin, as well as the instep. Overall, this is a quality product, made to last you a long time.

8. Top King Muay Thai Shin Pads

Top King Muay Thai Shin Pads


  • Simplistic design
  • Durable leather construct
  • Good price


  • Can be a stiff fit

Our second entry from the trusted Top King brand, these shin pads are a bit more simplistic. There is nothing too fancy about them, with their sturdy leather design, and tight-fitting velcro straps. Regardless, they are a good selection for those who have no interest in extra bells and whistles.

These shin guards come in a multitude of colors, allowing for a good expression of your own style. On top of that, they are comfortable, despite their tight fit. All in all, this is a solid piece of equipment to add to your training bag.

9. ARD Muay Thai Shin Protectors

ARD Muay Thai Shin Protectors


  • Machine washable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very cheap


  • Does not offer much padding

To be completely transparent, this product is not for Muay Thai beginners. Although the ARD shin protectors will do enough to guard you against bruising, they do not offer near the same amount of protection as other brands. They have the bare minimum, in terms of padding.

On the other hand, what they lack in protection, they make up for in agility. These shin guards are ideal for those looking to get as close to bare legs as they can. Perfect for those who are serious about their fighting future.

10. Combat Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards

Combat Sports Leather MMA Muay Thai Pads


  • Machine washable
  • Secure fit
  • Multiple colors to choose from


Offers minimal protection

Rounding our list comes this entry from the Combat Sports brand. These shin guards fit as a sleeve on your legs and feet, providing an ultra-secure fit. This type of fit is perfect when it comes to amateur competition.

Another noteworthy feature of these shin guards, is the fact that they are completely machine washable. This makes them convenient to clean after the gym, or after a fight. This, combined with the fact that they will not slip while you throw kicks, make them a solid choice.


Do I need shin guards for Muay Thai?

Shin guards are one of the most important training tools for anybody looking to learn how to properly kick. They work to prevent bruising, as well as protect against injuries from improperly placed attacks. Not only do they protect you, but they protect your training partners as well.

How do I choose Muay Thai shin guards?

For the most part, it comes down to personal preference, as well as what your intentions are. If you are planning to take seriously your attempt at a fighting career, springing for more expensive and durable pairs of shin guards may be worth your while. On the other hand, if you are only training for fun then you may be more focused on comfort and price range.

How do you know what size shin guards to purchase?

Most brands who specialize in producing fight gear will have sizing charts to properly fit their gear. However, the width of the padding determines a lot, in terms of protection. The more experienced you are. the thinner you can let your padding be.

How far up should shin guards go?

The tricky part with sizing up shin guards is knowing how to strike the balance between adequate protection and maintaining mobility. Therefore you want to size up your shin guards to just below the knee. That way your shins will largely be protected, but you will not have any issues with your mobility and flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Shin guards are a crucial part of Muay Thai, and combat sports training in general. So finding the right gear for you is important to lead to your success. Hopefully, this list will at least make it easier to find the right shin guards for you. outbound link

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