Best Budget MMA Gloves Reviewed in 2020

Made by Middle Easy
Made by Middle Easy


Training gloves are the most essential core component of a fighter’s gym bag. Without a good pair of gloves, a fighter will not be able to enter a gym and spar, hit mitts, or train on speed or heavy bags. 

In most cases, elite training equipment comes at an elite price. However, it’s important for a young fighter to be able to get elite training at a budget price. Here at Middle Easy, we’ve selected the best quality gloves for a young fighter to get under $50.00 US dollars

Venom Contender 2.0 Boxing Gloves

The Venom Contender series is famous for being injected with high-quality foam. The series is known for having its signature high-quality wrist strap for maximum wrist protection.

The fit also allows for hand wraps to be worn underneath, for an authentic feel during training. 

These gloves are ideal for mitt training, heavy bag training, and intense fitness training. The best part is, the gloves can be worn from beginning levels all the way up to advanced, and you can purchase them for under $50.00 here

Venum Boxing Gloves Contender 2.0-14oz, Black/Black, 14 oz
  • High density injected foam
  • High quality semi-leather. Twice more resistant than previous generation
  • Large velcro enclosure for a better wrist protection
  • Improved fitting for a better comfort

Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves

The Adidas Hybrid 100 is a perfect unisex boxing glove for fighters in the starting stages of their careers.

The gloves feature PU Flexo-Curvex technology provides a clear bond cell structure that optimizes heavy shock absorption by a better distribution of force. They also have moisture-wicking technology that should keep your hands nice and dry throughout workouts.

Most importantly, the gloves provide maximum comfort, can really take a beating and are currently only $39.95. There are also multiple colors available for the expression of the athlete.

Adidas Hybrid 100 Gloves

  • Great for shadow boxing, heavy bag training
  • Ergonomic shape provides for the ultimate combination of speed and power
  • Keep your hands cool and dry with the moisture wicking palm

Hyabusa Boxing S4 Gloves

The Hyabusa S4’s feature technology suited for intense bag and mitt work training. They come with injection-molded foam contours to the natural curvature of the hand for proper fist closure and provides excellent shock absorption when punching.

They come in a variety of colors as well as hand wraps and a wash bag. The gloves just make the list at a $49.99 price point, but must be included for how well they perform. 

Hyabusa Boxing S4 Gloves

  • Unisex boxing gloves are ideal for striking training and combat fitness.
  • Come in 3 different sizes for the perfect fit: Small (12oz), Medium (14oz) and Large (16oz)
  • S4 is a wristwrap boxing glove Single Closure Velcro Strap w/ Elastic a secure fit and support for intense training sessions.

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

These gloves are the first pair of MMA gloves featured on our list and for a good reason. Like all Venom products, these gloves feature a high-quality wrist strap system that provides maximum wrist stability.

The layered foam pattern positioned in the knuckle area creates a shock absorption feel that is suitable for intense sparring and mitt work. They also include additional padding in the thumb area that allows for the gloves to feel good enough to wear in a professional competition.

They fit snug so don’t expect to fit hand wraps underneath, but the protection provided within the glove itself is more than enough to get you by. Coming in at a price of $44.99, these gloves are a must for any beginner that wants a professional feel. 

Venum Challenger MMA Gloves, Black/Black, Medium
  • Layered foam for better protection and shock absorption
  • High wrist maintaining thanks to an Adjustable strap
  • Exclusive Velcro strap System for hand pre-positioning

Title Classic Leather Elastic Training Gloves 2.0

The Title brand name has been around combat sports forever. Title training 2.0 gloves are 100% top grain leather and feature 2 inches of protective padded foam.

Fit, protection, and stability are reasons why these gloves perform like a dream for mitt work and shadow boxing.

A full wraparound elastic and leather wrist strap with hook-and-loop attachment assure a firm, custom fit for the individual athletes. The  $49.99 price point gets these gloves just under our price for consideration. 

Title Classic Training Gloves

  • TITLE Classic Best Seller for almost 20 years.
  • Constructed with 100% genuine leather for super durable, long lasting, ultra-resilient training gloves
  • Full wraparound elastic and leather wrist strap with hook-and-loop attachment

RDX MMA Gloves

The RDX MMA Gloves feature a 100% full cow grain leather. Stitching in cooperation with the leather provides a unique experience in which the gloves can stretch to the fit of the hand, but still keep its ergonomic design.

Featuring a padded block over wrist-joint along with shock dissipating gel, these gloves have all the padding you’ll need. 

Special perforations on the inner fingers and thumb sheath enhance sweat management and provide maximum grip for grappling. Currently, you can find these gloves for $45.49.

RDX MMA Gloves

  • 100% authentic full grain cowhide leather built MMA gloves
  • Extra-thick foam based padding with separate padded block over wrist-joint along with shock dissipating gel
  • Quick-EZ hook and loop closure provides enhanced wrist-support and a secure fit

Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai Style Kickboxing Professional Gloves

Battle-tested. These feature a synthetic leather upper for comfort and a three-level padded system for maximum protection. 

A breathable lining on the inside of the gloves makes them easy to put on and take off.

Heavy bags can take a beating as the forged shape and synthetic materials are made for durability. Although they only come in three colors, the gloves can be found for $49.99 on most retailers.

Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai

  • Traditional Thai style.
  • Sanabul Battle Forged gloves have a Muay Thai compact shape that is intentionally snug
  • Perfect for boxing or kickboxing sparring, mitts, or bag work.
  • These gloves are great for professionals or amateurs striving for greatness

Final Word

Depending on your needs, each one of these gloves offers a unique training experience. Whether you need to hit mitts, crack on the heavy bag, or spar against a live opponent, any one of these should fit a beginning athlete’s training needs.

Enjoy high quality at low prices. Middle Easy has you covered.

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