ZUFFA plans to battle Wii-Fit with their own ‘UFC Trainer’ fitness game

If you ever wanted to prove to yourself that you’re mentally stable, invite your family and friends over for dinner. Mid-way through dessert, try to put your chair in an ankle lock. When that’s done, start delivering liver punches to the meatloaf your Aunt Barbara made. To top it all off, give a rear naked choke to the honey glazed ham that’s sitting in the middle of the table and don’t stop until it taps out. If that isn’t enough to make everyone’s eyeballs explode out of sheer WTFness, invite yourself over to my functional alcoholic neighbor’s apartment and arm bar all twelve of her kittens (just kidding PETA). All of this may sound like something you would already been doing whenever you’re a 6-pack deep in Smirnoff Ice, but with THQ’s upcoming ‘UFC trainer’, get ready to put your Playstation 3 in a kimura.

Set for release January 1, 2011, UFC Trainer will be a more combative take on the fitness genre than the likes of Wii Fit or EA Sports Active. The game will be released for the Xbox 360 Kinect, the PlayStation 3 Move, and the Wii. THQ’s executive vice president of core gaming Danny Bilson apologized to analysts for the game’s absence from THQ’s E3 presence, but said the publisher doesn’t want to show it off until it’s the best training game on the market.

“We want this thing tuned to perfection without lag,” Bilson said. “And I’m not going to ship it until it’s the coolest fighting thing in the world.”

A motion controlled mixed martial arts training game. What would happen if the guy you’re fighting got you in an anaconda choke? Would you just role play the whole thing and start spazzing on the floor like some simulated epileptic seizure? Imagine sprawling in your living room and knocking over your mother’s thousand dollar Turkish vase just for the sake of ‘preventing the takedown’. I mean the potentials to make a complete geek out of yourself while playing this game is endless and personally, I can’t wait to be ‘that guy’.The only way any of this stuff will feasibly work is if the game comes with a full-sized sparring dummy. But then you would have to explain to your girlfriend why there is a naked, life-sized inflatable man wrapped between your legs. [Source]

Published on June 16, 2010 at 3:37 pm
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