You okay guy? Can’t stop watching this video of Ariel Helwani having a giggle attack on the MMA Beat

Those edibles were strong. Today Ariel Helwani and a group of MMA Media members recorded their weekly MMA Beat video series.

The show pretty much went off the rails after the words “welcome to” were uttered out of the mouth of Helwani. Then Luke Thomas said Chuck Mindenhall had the smile of a rapist and they really do not teach you how to pivot off that comment in any journalism school.

Why is he laughing? Does he need a hug? Is someone tickling his feet while he’s trying to talk? Annnnnnnnd he’s still laughing? LOL? WTF is going on? *slowly backs away from the video as Ariel Helwani giggles on an endless loop*

Check the full show below

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