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You may not like Jim Rome, but watch his interview with Dana White

You may not like Jim Rome, but watch his interview with Dana White

It’s wildly known that no one really likes Jim Rome. There’s absolutely no scenario in which anyone can envision sharing a sandwich with the guy. He’s a professional critic that has a strong ability to talk forcefully and uninterrupted for long durations — and that seems to be the current trend amongst middle-aged sports personalities. A few years ago when MMA needed the help of someone mainstream in the sports world, Jim Rome was no where to be found. The guy absolutely disregarded the sport and now people herald him as a great mind of MMA. Wrong. Completely wrong. Pride Fanboys forgot more about MMA than Jim Rome acquired when he hopped on the now popular bandwagon about a year ago.

However, enough about me painting an accurate and entirely precise depiction of a guy that Jim Everett punked on live television. Check out yesterday’s Dana White interview on ‘Burning with Jim Rome.’ [Source]

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