You Don’t Drop Your Hands and Let Andy Souwer Tee Off On You

You just don’t do that.

Today in the Netherlands at Enfusion Live 22 Andy Souwer squared off against what appeared to be a moderately insane Ardalan Sheikholeslami. Why is Ardalan insane? Because he just is. Throughout the fight he was taunting Souwer and playing around like he was somehow toying with the K-1 MAX legend.

Truth be told, he wasn’t toying around with Souwer at all, in fact, he was losing the fight. That all led to this crazy moment where Souwer connected with a flying knee and Ardalan decided to taunt Souwer, which led to a hilarious moment and his lights going out. Iman Barlow’s screech is hilarious, too. Actually, Iman is kind of dreamy. Remember that for the future. 

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