You can now watch the first episode of Genghis Con’s Miami Hustle

If you didn’t set the alarm on your phone to go off at 8pm last night so you could be one of the first people on the planet to experience the absolutely complete sensory pleasing experience of the first episode of Genghis Con’s new series Miami Hustle, don’t start crying and throwing your little brother’s Hot Wheels at your laptop screen. No worries, is on 24 hours a day just so that slackers like all of us can watch this amazing new series wherever and whenever we want.

Before you do anything else today click the play button below, lean back in your rolly chair and get ready to take a beautiful trip to Miami. Don’t worry about finishing up that spreadsheet your boss needed last Friday afternoon. You have plenty of time to do work later. Start your day off with 23 minutes and 15 seconds of hanging out with JZ Cavalcante, Jorge Santiago, Jorge Masdival, Alexis Villa and their trainer Juan Carlos Faraldo and be productive afterwards.

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