World’s Strongest Man making his MMA debut at 305lbs

If you’ve had a really screwed up life and died, Mariusz Pudzianowski would be the first person that would greet you in Hell. Mariusz Pudzianowski is the reason why you will never be that other guy in the picture. Last month we told you the World’s Strongest Man was training with Mechzilla and Shao-Kahn to remove skeletons from humans. Now Mariusz Pudzianowski has grown weary of dismembering training partners and punching camels in the grill. Dude is making his MMA debut on December 11th 2009 at KSW in Poland and someone got drunk, lost a bet and is now his opponent. I’m not sure who this guy is, looks like he has a tattoo of Michael Rapaport on his left bicep. Whoever he is, he’s not me…and that makes me sleep well at night. [Source]


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