Win FREE Jaco Clothing gear!

Originally this contest was supposed to go down a couple of months ago. We planned on working with the creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dan Berger, to deliver this contest. It was just about ready to debut on MiddleEasy and then our buddy Dan told us that he sold the rights to Nickolodeon. Bummer. Now we had to negotiate with the lawyers of Viacom to use their newly acquired intellectual property for a joint MiddleEasy/Jaco Clothing/TMNT contest. After months of deliberation, it just didn’t work out. They couldn’t quite understand the contest and we just couldn’t find a way to coherently explain it to them. In fact, this entire contest was created by MiddleEasy interviewer, D**k Grayson, when he woke up on someone’s sofa in Manhattan at 11am in the morning (dude doesn’t even live in New York). D**k told me it was the first thing he thought of that morning and it probably will go down as the greatest contest idea this site will ever pull off. Whenever great ideas emerge in this world, scientists can generally trace the origins back to Jaco Clothing. These are the same guys who make shirts out of bamboo. That’s like borderline Klingon technology. They also signed Lyoto Machida, Brandon Vera, Big Nog, Rashad Evans, Anthony Njokuani and Jeff Monson to their roster. That’s not a list people. That’s a list of X-men who we can rely on to save the world if aliens ever invaded the planet.

Now we have a new contest and you can win loads of Jaco gear. If you want a box of free Jaco Clothing sent to your front door, click here to enter the contest.

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