Who cares if the beef is real. We’re sold on Kimbo/Dada 5000

February 19th – a day in which MMA will return to its roots. The way it was always meant to be. Of course it will still be a sporting event by definition, but it will also be a brawl, a street fight, and a war that could be settled on the streets, but will be resolved in a cage.

Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 will face off in what might be a real shit show of a fight. Or, it could be completely awesome, it’s impossible to tell. But February 19th – a date that is stuck in my head, unlike many UFC showtimes – is already starting to hype up not only us here at MiddleEasy, but the MMA crowd in general.

The hype is real. How? Why? It’s impossible to put a finger on the magic of Kimbo Slice. All we know is that he’ll be fighting Dada 5000, and Kimbo is a master at promoting his fights, hitting buzzwords like bully in this brief interview with Sherdog:

“He’s a real piece of s—,” Slice told Sherdog.com. “I don’t like him. I’m ready to f—ing break his face on Feb. 19.”

“This dude had no beard. He had no tattoos. I don’t think he even had a job at the time, so we hooked him up, gave him a little work. Said come f— with us, come take this ride with us,” Slice said. “Because this was a movement: me coming from the street fighting and having my first fight against Ray Mercer.

“So we brought a few of our guys with us on this run. [Manager ‘Icy’ Mike Ember] at the time paid for a lot of the boys’ tickets and helped a lot of the boys out to travel with us,” he continued. “And this dude was a real p***y about it. But he’s a real f—boy man. He’s a real sucker. For that reason alone, I just want to do something to him. I’m losing words right now, just getting amped up about it.”

“You’re talking about a guy who stole my image, stole my look. Literally when I decided to turn pro, he decided to take street fighting in the wrong f—ing way,” Slice said. “…Even though it was a street fight, we had some type of respect for each other. He just made a mockery out of it. Guys were getting hurt and had no way to really recover from it. Everything about what he did and about him was just wrong.

“And then he tried to talk s— a little bit about me. He tried to talk s–t a little bit about the reason for us not wanting to f— with him no more. I just kept my peace for a very long time, considering the nature of the situation. We even tried to approach him about a fight.”

“From a fighter’s point of view, Dada is not a fighter to me. He has no hands. And he knows that. He’s in for a rude awakening. He’s gonna wake up out of his dream. He’s gonna wake up f—ed up, split up and busted up because I’m really coming into this fight with pure bad intentions,” he said. “I really have bad intentions for this fight. My training is different. My mentality is different. My mindset is different.

“I told my kids to really forgive me right now, but daddy’s going to be a real bully. I’m gonna bully this dude. I’m gonna bang him up.”


We can’t wait.

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