What’s D-Zilla Up to Now?

What's DZilla Up to Now?

Here at Middleeasy.com we love DaMarques Johnson. I think he kind of digs us too but sometimes I get my Ambien induced sex dreams confused with reality. What I am sure of though is that he’s got one of the best fades in MMA, he gives kids stuck in the hospital the shirt off his back and fighting makes him smile. In 2 of his four fights for the UFC he has won the coveted “(blank) of the night bonus” First with a Submission of the night against Edgar Garcia at UFC 107 and then with a KO of the night against Brad Blackburn at 112 in Abu Dhabi. I caught up with our MiddleEasy shirt wearing friend while he gets ready to fight again next week against Mike The Joker Guymon at Fight for the Troops 2. While he didn’t take me up on my offer to make him my own personal caramel flavored popsicle-he did take a minute and answer the rest of these completely random and mostly ridiculous questions just for our reading pleasure. Thanks Dzilla!

What are your official feelings on Robbie Lawler’s beard? Being half Native American and Half Black, I grow about as much body and facial hair as a baby seal. I’m mildly jealous. I constantly feel like the prepubescent younger brother. No beards. No chest hair for me-it’s genetically not in the cards.


Who wins the super bowl? Do you even care? Personally, I would like to see the Steelers go only cause I know some people on the team-but not really a football guy, maybe it’s due to the lack of body hair thing?


Jeremy Horn looks like he rips some nasty farts. Confirm or deny? Deny. I haven’t heard Horn rip ass now that I think about it, But don’t catch him on a non deodorant day… just sayin’…


How would you beat up Nick Diaz? When he was asleep after an Ironman (if he sleeps), or while he was on the toilet with food poisoning. Some type of ambush and opportunistic tactics would have to be taken like in black ops where you have to swim underwater and flip over the boat.


Dzilla is easier and faster to type than DaMarques. I haven’t referred to you as DaMarques in over a year, to the point where some people (your manager I think) and others may have no idea what I’m talking about. How does that make you feel-are you OK with being lovingly referred to as Dzilla? As long as its lovingly I’m all yours and Middleeasy’s.


Utah is landlocked. The zombies are here and everyone is totally screwed. Explain your steps to survival. Well I would head to little man’s house scoop him up, and then take my Johnson mobile zombie slayin’ ass to Horn’s house. He has the most scary amount of ammo and arsenal of weapons out of all the people I know. Then I would probably rob some people’s food storage spots and hunker down with Horn and rest of the crew like a Voltron style, zombie ass whipping crew.


What are your thoughts on moving up in weight? Would it ever be an option you would consider? Well since my disgusting fat body days when I use to fight at heavy, light heavy and middle and now welter. I said I wanted to go back up to 185, but that was until I got down to Arizona with Bader, Simpson and Dollaway. These guys are polar bears- the biggest and most violent of the bears…. me, I’m more like a koala bear.


What is your best fatherly advice? Discipline when you need to, teach often, and love always.


Chael…thoughts? feelings? Don’t do drugs when you have a title fight.


Who wins the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP? I don’t know… again my lack of body hair renders me indecisive and pickless. Um, let’s say Fedor ’cause he is the smallest with the biggest hill to climb.


What would be worse to wake up and find lying in bed next to you: Freddie Krueger or a giant hairy spider? Freddie Krueger impersonating Nick Diaz.
Published on January 15, 2011 at 11:22 pm
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