We found this patent for an MMA board game, and it’s pretty interesting

Creativity may not get you that dream job out of college, but it will get you on the front page of MiddleEasy if you make a MMA-themed board game with perhaps the gnarliest dice in board game history. We’re not even sure how the die operates, it’s just covered with a lot of activities that you really don’t want to be inflicted upon you, especially if you’re sitting in a living room playing a board game. One of our readers sent us an email with a complete US patent of an MMA board game appropriately titled ‘Mixed Martial Arts Board Game’. This stuff is all public domain, so I’m sure if you did a little digging, you can find more info about it. Inventor Bretty Siciliano and Hedy Porr have invented a rather multi-faceted form of entertainment that I can’t completely comprehend. Ah well, A+ for effort.

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