MMA Rundown

Watch: Clay Guida is the bartender at the TUF house, gets Cody Garbrandt chanting after 2 shots

According to this video from the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter, Clay Guida is the greatest bartender of all-time. After one to two homemade “Guida shots” UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt was wilding out like it was Spring Break at Dayton beach as opposed to the TUF house living room.

Guida’s bartending skills defeat Garbrandt’s tolerance for alcohol 30-24 across the board, with the fight nearly getting stopped several times as the 135 pound champ began chanting a certain phrase over and over again in the sober faces of everyone else. Hanging with the boyyyyyyzz is how Cody Garbrandt likes to party and he’ll let you know about it while drunkenly yelling in your face.

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